Do you have a storefront?

No we don’t. We only sell online.

What is the shipping cost?

If you are in the US, shipping is free. If you're outside the US, the flat shipping rate is $200. 

Can I use my shipping account?

Yes, absolutely. 

What material do you use to make the rugs?

All our rugs are 100% pure wool.

Where are the rugs from?

All our rugs are made in Morocco.

What are Moroccan rugs?

Moroccan carpets and rugs are are designed for floors. They are handwoven in Morocco by tribal people.

What are Berber rugs?

Berber rugs are made by different Berber tribes in Morocco. Every tribe has a distinct style according to local access to plants, water, mineral for dyes, knotting patterns and the climate of the area.